abbeydale (abbeydale) wrote,

[Review] Nocturne Alchemy VApothecary - Pink Grapefruit Flamingo


Collection: Limited Edition - Summer Pastel
Status: Unavailable
Purchased: 1ml decant from Ajevie's Circles

Notes: Essential Oil from the zest of Pink Grapefruit and Caribbean Grapefruit, a touch of white honey, a little pink sugar, a tiny drop of white patchouli all infused into Crystalline Vanilla.

In the vial: This is seriously sugary grapefruit. I get a little bit of honey, but mostly this smells like grapefruit flavoured icing sugar. It's very sweet.

On my skin: The grapefruit becomes a lot stronger, but also less sugary. The vanilla comes through shortly after and at this point it's a girly scent I would have loved to wear as a teenager. As it dries, though, it softens and becomes a lot more sophisticated. It's powdery vanilla with a hint of grapefruit; less sugary but still sweet.

Throw: Moderate
Longevity: This only lasts a couple of hours on my skin and then I get nothing.

Summary: Sugary grapefruit. Super girly to begin with, softening to a powdery, feminine scent.

Verdict: This doesn't last long enough to warrant a full bottle purchase, were I able to find one available, but I'll use up my vial.
Tags: nava, perfume, perfume review, perfume review: 2015, public post
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