abbeydale (abbeydale) wrote,

[Review] Possets - Gingerbread Whorehouse


Collection: Permanent Blend
Status: Available
Purchased: 1ml sample vial direct from Possets

Notes: That gingerbread house from your childhood? Well the neighborhood has changed and now it sports a red light out front! Very foody, very sweet, very sexy, very grown up in a sex kitten way. This is European Gingerbread given an American Cajun jolt with the spices, cher! Mmmm. Unisex, sexy-sex, and wow. Oh, the sign outside does say,"Ho Ho Ho House". Heh. You might end up with a whole new reputation. Sweet, foody, gourmand, spicy.

In the vial: Oh my! This is the most delicious gingerbread ever. Buttery, velvety, creamy. It's gorgeous.

On my skin: It becomes a tiny bit spicy. I get nutmeg and cinnamon from this, but the delicious gingerbread is still dominant. As it dries it becomes a lot creamier, but I get the occasional waft of spice.

Throw: High
Longevity: 8+ hours

Summary: Just as the notes described - this is definitely a sexy, grown-up version of gingerbread. Creamy and sweet, with a little kick from the spices. Gorgeous!

Verdict: Another one I will probably pick up a full size of. I can't wait to wear this leading up to Christmas!
Tags: perfume, perfume review, perfume review: 2015, possets, public post
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