abbeydale (abbeydale) wrote,

[Review] Possets - Gelato: Vaniglia


Collection: Permanent Blend
Status: Available
Purchased: 1ml sample vial direct from Possets
Notes: It is possible to have vanilla as a top, middle, and bottom note. I just did it. It is just a halo of vanilla as I have tasted it among the best of gelatos. Mmmmm. Vanilla was never so concentrated and so pure.

In the vial: I get a gorgeous dose of boozy vanilla. It's creamy and yummy and just... bliss!

On my skin: This stays the same to begin with. As it dries though the booziness fades and there's the delicious smell of cake coming through. It's gorgeous! After a while I get random wafts of cinnamon, too. I really like this one.

Throw: OK. It's low compared to other Possets scents I've tried, but strong enough for me to smell like scrumptious vanilla gelato to anyone stood close to me.
Longevity: Around 4 hours on my skin.

Summary: Boozy vanilla with a soft cinnamon cake dry down.

Verdict: I like this one a lot and will probably purchase a full bottle next time I order from Possets. The cinnamon is very faint rather than in your face and creates a spicy twist to the vanilla.
Tags: perfume, perfume review, perfume review: 2015, possets, public post
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