abbeydale (abbeydale) wrote,

[Review] Possets - The Windmill at Wijk bij Duurstede (Ruisdael)


Collection: Summer of Elegance 2015
Status: Only available during Retour
Purchased: 6ml bottle direct from Possets

Notes: Marine vanilla (yes, I actually constructed this and it's beautiful), with an oakwood accord, silk accord, and two golden ambers. Dry and sophisticated and somehow resinous despite its aquatic parent. Highly unusual and very attractive.

In the bottle: This is a clean, watery, aquatic scent. It's very unisex, bordering on masculine.

On my skin: It stays fairly linear to first sniff. The amber sneaks in after a while, but mostly this remains watery and masculine on my skin.

Throw: Moderate
Longevity: 5 hours on my skin

Summary: A clean, masculine scent with a hint of amber.

Verdict: Probably my least favourite of the five Summer of Elegance bottles I purchased. That said, I'm going to try this one out on my partner as he's all for testing my more masculine scents.
Tags: perfume, perfume review, perfume review: 2015, possets, public post
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