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[Review] Possets - Seascape (Turner)


Collection: Summer of Elegance 2015 / Permanent Blends
Status: This was added to the Permanent Blends section on 15th October and is no available
Purchased: 6ml bottle direct from Possets

Notes: This is an aquatic with a heavy component of coconut which truly adds a lot of character to the marine aspect (by having an unanticipated similarity to the watery base). On top of it all, I floated a serious amount of cannabis scent and the result was positively electric. I love this fragrance and it is a very very complex thing brought out of very few materials. I think there is a happy change in the scent where the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. Aquatic, zesty, fruity, and very soothing for a hot day.

In the bottle: This smells super fresh and aquatic and exotic. I'm not completely familiar with marine notes so I'm unsure of what I'm sniffing here, but it's very unisex with something tropical peeking through.

On my skin: This doesn't change a great deal until a few minutes in. That's when the coconut truly shows up and this scent becomes intoxicatingly exotic. Oh my... this is gorgeous! I instantly think of Summer storms. You know where there's that unbearable heat before the first rumble of thunder, and all your windows are wide open as the heaven's open and the rain bounces of everything? Yeah, that. Each time I've worn this I've been convinced I can sniff pineapple in it. It really is a sublime fresh, tropical scent for the summer, with that watery base holding it back from becoming too sweet and cloying. My partner adores this scent on me, too, so added points for that!

Throw: High
Longevity: 9+ hours every time!

Summary: A fresh, tropical, unisex scent. Perfect for those humid days when a storm is brewing.

Verdict: I'm incredibly happy I plumped for a full bottle of this one! I adore it and so does my partner.
Tags: perfume, perfume review, perfume review: 2015, possets, public post
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