abbeydale (abbeydale) wrote,

[Review] Possets - Haywain (Constable)


Collection: Summer of Elegance 2015
Status: Only available during Retour
Purchased: 6ml bottle direct from Possets

Notes: Grapefruit meets lily of the valley, skin musk, white wood vanilla (not at all cupcake vanilla), and crystal musk.

In the bottle: This is all grapefruit. It's fresh and citrusy, with a hint of something floral.

On my skin: It's oh so citrusy. The grapefruit overpowers everything at first, but after a few minutes the Lily of the Valley turns this scent into something glorious on my skin. As it dries the musk comes through and the grapefruit fades. I'm left with a musky dry down and a hint of citrus and flowers.

Throw: Moderate
Longevity: 3 hours on my skin.

Summary: A fresh, citrusy scent with a soft floral undertone and a musky dry down.

Verdict: I like this scent, but it's not something I'll reach for immediately. Those few minutes when wet and the Lily of the Valley comes through are gorgeous, but sadly it just doesn't last long enough.
Tags: perfume, perfume review, perfume review: 2015, possets, public post
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